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Spray tanning, Pointcook

Beautyfly Beauty Salon offers unbeatable spray tanning near Pointcook. Why not visit us today to see for yourself?

All Year Spray Tanning near Pointcook

Welcome to Beautyfly Beauty Salon, Pointcook's premier source for all things beauty-related. We specialize in UV-free spray tanning treatments that will provide you with a healthy-looking, sun-kissed glow. Only the best spray tanning solutions are used by our skilled and certified estheticians to give you a perfect, streak-free tan that can last up to two weeks.

The hazards connected with sun exposure can be avoided while still getting a gorgeous, natural-looking tan by using spray tanning. Depending on your skin type and preferences, spray tanning is a scalable option. For your skin tone without streaking or patchiness, our estheticians will collaborate with you to choose the best shade and intensity.

The Process of Spray Tanning near Pointcook

We employ a tailored approach to spray tanning at Beautyfly Beauty Salon near Pointcook to guarantee you obtain the greatest ideal results. Our procedure entails:

Consultation: During your session, our esthetician will evaluate your skin type, discuss your preferences, and help you select the best spray tanning solution for your needs.

Preparation: We recommend exfoliating and conditioning your skin ahead of your visit to ensure even coverage. In the interests of avoiding your hands and feet from becoming soiled, we also offer barrier cream.

Application: For thorough coverage and a natural-looking tan, our esthetician will perform the spray tanning with our hi-tech spray tanning equipment.

Following your spray tanning session, we advise staying out of the water, refraining from excessive perspiration and tight clothing for at least eight hours.

Contact us today to schedule your spray tanning appointment and start enjoying the benefits of a flawless, sun-kissed glow!

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Spray tanning, Pointcook