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Body Treatments Werribee

Nothing beats a great massage and pampering session.

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Massages and body treatments

Between work, socializing and your endless responsibilities, it’s sometimes impossible to find a moment to recharge your batteries. A fast-paced life will invariably lead to aches, pains, stress, and strain that will catch up with us all sooner or later.

It’s essential to slow down before the pressure gets out of hand! Here at Beautyfly Beauty Salon, we have a full range of relaxing and invigorating massages and body treatments to give your body exactly what it needs. We use products from renowned brands, like DERMATOLOGICA and PAYO for all our treatments. These are also readily available in our store so that you can easily grab yours should you wish to.

Whether you’re looking for some precious ‘me’ time to unwind, or a boost to face everything life throws at you, we’ve got you covered! Call on the number below to book an appointment today! We also offer facials, waxing and more!

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Body Treatments Werribee

Enhance your body care regimen by ordering today and treating yourself to our exceptional products and treatments.

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How Often Should I Get A Massage?

We get that question a lot at Beautyfly Beauty Salon. There is no right or wrong answer. It all depends on why you need a massage and how much time you have to spare.

For instance, if you’re getting a massage to combat stress or because you need a bit of pampering, you can have one whenever you feel like it. If you’re seeking a massage for pain management, you will obviously require more regular sessions.

The bottom line is, you can have a massage whenever and as often as it suits you. If you want to schedule regular appointments, feel free to give us a call on the number below.

Pampering doesn’t need a schedule


Body Treatments Hoppers Crossing


Using top-notch beauty products from DERMALOGICA, we make sure to pair your treatments with the right products, giving your skin the best care possible, as it rightly deserves.


Using the rich and absolutely fabulous Crème Glacée from PAYOT, we make sure to have your skin well hydrated, and that too for 24 hours after the application. It also blends perfectly into your skin.

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